Paris Hilton Takes Vegas by Storm at the Formula One Grand Prix: Glitz, Glamour, and Fast Cars!

Paris Hilton, who is 42 years old, recently visited Las Vegas for the Formula One World Championship. On Friday, she wore a shiny silver, pink, and purple racing suit with matching silver boots and pink sunglasses. She had a sleek high ponytail and posed for pictures at an exclusive Hilton party at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas for the Curio Collection. Her outfit had her famous catchphrase “sliving” on one side.

She mentioned on Instagram that she had a great time DJing for the Hilton and McLaren Stay on the Grid Experience at the F1 LVGP. Her outfit had the words “It matters where you stay” on the back. On Saturday, she opted for an all-black look with a cutout top, moto jacket, leather pants, and black sunglasses.

She shared her experience of being part of the first-ever Formula One in Las Vegas on Instagram, posing with drivers and celebrities like, Gordon Ramsay, and Zedd. The event was considered a Hollywood takeover in Sin City as Nevada’s inaugural Grand Prix happened.

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, who lives part-time in Vegas, praised the city’s efforts to turn a busy boulevard into a race track. He hosted a grand prix party with David Beckham, and Dax Shepard was present to host Eff Won with DRS Podcast live from the venue.

Other stars in town for the event included Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, Justin Bieber, John Legend, Keith Urban, Mark Wahlberg, and more. Max Verstappen emerged as the winner of the race.

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