“Teen Girl’s Passing Leads to Heartwarming Discovery”: Casket Covered in Touching Notes”

Laura Hillier, a special student from Nelson High School in Ontario, Canada, faced leukemia when she was just 13. After being cancer-free for four years, the illness sadly returned, and Laura passed away on January 20, 2016.

Her family’s Hope for Laura Facebook page shared their feelings, saying, “She showed bravery, grace, and a strong spirit. Laura stayed strong and courageous until the end.”

Laura loved music and drama, and everyone at her school felt that her goodbye should reflect the essence of a yearbook tribute. Her casket was turned into a canvas of memories. Family, friends, teachers, and classmates covered it with colorful messages celebrating Laura’s life.

Messages like “You were musical. You were artistic. You were understanding. You were my best friend” and “Life is a song… Sing ’til your heart’s content” adorned the casket, symbolizing Laura’s lively spirit.

In a touching gesture honoring Laura’s favorite color, the funeral was filled with shades of purple. From flowers to people’s clothing, purple was everywhere, celebrating Laura’s love for life.

To keep Laura’s memory alive, people are encouraged to donate to Coast to Coast, a charity fighting childhood cancer.

Laura’s short journey is a reminder to appreciate life’s beauty and cherish every moment.


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