Martha Stewart’s Exclusive Take on Avoiding ‘Old-Fashioned Old Lady’ Status

Martha Stewart is always changing and showing that age doesn’t matter much. She’s now teaching a MasterClass called “Think Like a Boss, Live Like a Legend,” and the trailer is out now. At 82, she doesn’t see it as reinventing herself but evolving. She wants to push her limits and not be an old-fashioned lady.

In her class, she shares her busy routine in Bedford, New York, over 24 hours. She believes a lot can be achieved in a day with good and enjoyable work. During a Q&A in New York City, Stewart emphasized the importance of staying busy. She thinks success comes from not being afraid of hard work, filling your day, and trying new things, like planting a different kind of tree.

In her 80s, Stewart is trying new adventures, like launching a CBD gummy line, and she loves new and different things. Her work ethic is clear in every decision she makes. According to her, if you want to be an entrepreneur, you must be ready for hard work. No successful entrepreneur, she says, was lazy about anything.

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