Christian Oliver’s Ex-Wife Finds Comfort in Belief that ‘They’re All Watching Me’ Following Actor and Daughters’ Tragic Passing

Jessica Klepser is talking about the sad event where her ex-husband Christian Oliver and their daughters Madita and Annik passed away.

The accident happened in the Caribbean. They were in a small plane flying from Paget Farm’s J.F. Mitchell Airport to St. Lucia. Unfortunately, the plane had problems and crashed into the ocean right after takeoff. The pilot also didn’t survive.

Jessica shared on Instagram that the support she’s getting from everyone is helping her a lot. She feels the love from friends, the community, and even strangers. She believes that Christian and their daughters are still with her in spirit.

She asks people to keep spreading love, appreciate their loved ones, and not get caught up in small problems. Life is precious, and we should all be kind to each other.

Amy Jordan, who owns Wundabar Pilates where Jessica works, shared that it’s a tough time for Jessica. She remembers the good times with Madita and Annik.

Christian Oliver was an actor known for movies like The Baby-Sitters Club and Speed Racer. The family also released a statement honoring Madita and Annik.

Madita, a lively 7th-grade student, excelled in academics, dance, singing, and performances. Annik, a 4th-grade student, was gentle but strong, loving basketball, swimming, and art.

The family set up a GoFundMe to help with funeral costs, and it has received a lot of support, surpassing its goal.

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