Retired Engineer Transforms Abandoned Plane into Cozy Forest Home

Here’s the story of a plane that didn’t end up as scrap metal! In Oregon, there’s a plane from Greek airline Olympic Airways sitting in a forest since 2012. Bruce Campbell, a retired engineer, bought it in 2009 to save it from being dismantled.

Campbell spent a lot of money not only to buy the plane but also to move it to his ten-acre forest. His goal is to change how people think about decommissioned planes. He lives a different kind of life in the plane, using a sofa that he doesn’t fully open, a homemade shower, and stocking up on canned food.

When Campbell bought the plane, he didn’t know its history. Later, he discovered that it carried Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in 1975 when she transported her second husband’s body, Aristotle Onassis, to Greece. Olympic Airways was once Greece’s main airline, owned by Onassis.

Onassis had big plans for the airline, wanting it to be luxurious and modern. But in 2009, the company stopped operating, and “Olympic Air” started due to privatization. Instead of being scrapped, one of the planes found a new life in Oregon.

Inside the aircraft, Campbell made a cozy home with two working toilets, a makeshift shower, living and workspace, a laundry machine, and a small kitchen. This retired engineer turned something meant for destruction into a beautiful home. It’s a remarkable conversion worth sharing!

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