Caring Nurses Create ‘Wedding Boxes’ to Fulfill End-of-Life Patients’ Wedding Dreams

A group of kind nurses is helping patients who are very sick and might not have much time left to fulfill their dream of getting married. Natasha Steels-Webb, who is a nurse, and her friends at the North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust in England had the idea to make “wedding boxes” for these patients, so they can have a wedding in the hospital.

The idea came about when they were taking care of a patient who was not going to get better. This patient and her partner had been together for a long time but never got married. The nurses decided to help them have a wedding, and it went so well that they wanted to do it for more patients.

They wanted to make the weddings even more special by having decorations like flowers and balloons ready for these events. To make this happen, they asked the local community for help. After asking for support on social media, they received many donations.

Currently, these wedding boxes are available at Peterborough City Hospital and Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon. The hospital staff, especially the chaplaincy team, can use these boxes.

But Natasha and her team want to do even more. They are trying to create a list of photographers, bakeries, and other businesses that help with weddings. They are also keeping a list of things they need, like wedding dresses, chair covers, and decorations, to add to the boxes.

Natasha Steels-Webb mentioned that it’s hard to express how much these weddings mean to the patients and their loved ones. She said you can see the gratitude in their eyes because the nurses are not just doing their job; they genuinely care about making a difference in these special moments.

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