Woman Transforms Quirky Abandoned Building into Cozy Two-Bedroom Home

If you’re thinking about renovating your home, having a solid plan is crucial. Architects, like Gemma Wheeler, are experts in creating these plans.

Gemma Wheeler is an architect who is passionate about design. She’s won awards for her work and focuses on making buildings that fit well with their surroundings.

Based in Edinburgh, Gemma has worked on many projects across the UK. She shares her expertise on her YouTube channel called Gemma Wheeler Architecture.

On her channel, Gemma discusses topics like building new houses on small plots of land and renovating old buildings with history.

Her goal is to inspire and entertain her viewers and to encourage discussions about architecture.

It’s important to note that Gemma’s channel doesn’t provide technical advice or details about costs and construction.

Gemma enjoys tackling challenging projects. Recently, she transformed an old non-residential building into a modern living space. It was a traditional Hungarian grape press with a tight layout and awkward features.

The building had three floors, and Gemma wanted to preserve its original style while making it comfortable to live in. She planned to convert all three floors into usable spaces, but first, she needed to build a staircase.

Since putting the staircase in the middle would take up too much space, Gemma decided to place it on the north end. This orientation allowed for more natural light to enter the living areas.

Gemma wanted the staircase to be a prominent feature of the house, so she designed it to have a contemporary look using white folded steel.

On the ground floor, Gemma planned to have a kitchen and other functions, with a bedroom separated by sliding doors. She also included a shower room and toilet.

It’s worth noting that Gemma’s designs are just proposals and not official plans. However, her proposed design received positive feedback from viewers.

Overall, Gemma’s work showcases her creativity and ability to transform old buildings into modern homes.

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