“Sharon Stone’s Hollywood Legacy”: The Story Behind Leonardo DiCaprio’s 18th Birthday Celebration

Sharon Stone, who is 65 years old, recently talked about a memorable moment in Hollywood history when she worked with Leonardo DiCaprio on his 18th birthday.

They met while filming “The Quick and the Dead” in 1995. DiCaprio was still a young actor, having gained fame from movies like “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.”

Stone not only acted in the film but also helped produce it. She fought to get a $3 million salary for her role in the Western movie, where she played a woman seeking revenge for her father’s murder in the 18th century.

She played a role in casting DiCaprio as the son of Gene Hackman’s character in the film. Stone recognized DiCaprio’s talent right away during his audition.

When the film’s producers hesitated to cast DiCaprio, Stone paid his $1 million salary herself. This information only became public when she wrote about it in her 2021 memoir.

Stone remembered DiCaprio being young and spending time with her on set. To celebrate his birthday, they went go-karting together.

She pushed for DiCaprio’s casting because she wanted to make a great movie. Stone also convinced Russell Crowe to join the film.

DiCaprio expressed his gratitude for Stone’s support, saying he thanked her many times. Crowe also praised Stone for her determination to hire the actors she wanted for the movie.

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