“Cheryl’s Journey to Happiness”: Life in an Affordable Tiny House”

Cheryl, who is retired, has been living in her small and cute house for seven years in two different areas. Her journey started at a special workshop held by Incredible Tiny Homes. They constructed a basic structure for her at a low cost. Then, Cheryl and her friends worked together with guidance from the workshop organizers to finish the inside of the house during a week-long event.

Surprisingly, the whole project cost her less than $30,000. Although the workshop isn’t available anymore, Incredible Tiny Homes still sells basic structures. Cheryl’s low expenses, including her $450 monthly rent for a space at The Bird’s Nest Tiny Home & RV Community, helped her retire early. Her electricity bill, even during the hottest month in Texas, has never exceeded $60, making it manageable on her fixed income.

Cheryl’s house is quite small, only 18 feet long and about 140 square feet. But it suits her perfectly. She has cleverly utilized every bit of space by incorporating smart storage solutions. For instance, she has a daybed on a raised platform with storage containers underneath, which can also be used as footstools. Cheryl has also used painted milk crates as shelves for her craft supplies, creating a cozy corner where she enjoys relaxing with a cup of tea by the window.

The interior of Cheryl’s house was designed with her small stature in mind. For example, the open shelves in her kitchen are arranged so that it’s easier for her to reach items. She made them narrower at the bottom and wider at the top, realizing that reaching higher shelves is easier when items stick out further.

Cheryl’s meticulous planning before building her house, along with downsizing most of her belongings by 90%, has allowed everything to fit together neatly like a puzzle.

Cheryl believes that living in a tiny house teaches valuable lessons. It helps simplify life to a manageable size, making it possible to handle everything comfortably. She finds happiness in her small space and feels grateful to wake up and go to bed content every day.

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