Renovation Plans Unveiled for Historic Building in Holyoke

Efforts are being made to bring back to life an old building in Holyoke’s Flats neighborhood, which has been there since the 1940s.

OneHolyoke bought the old Portuguese-American Club a few years ago. Now, they want to improve the building while still keeping its old stories alive.

Bruno Santos, who used to be vice president of the Portuguese-American Club, remembers the good times he had there with his family. He says they used to have lots of parties when he was a kid.

The club was sold to OneHolyoke, a group that helps the community, in 2018. They’ve been taking care of the building and now they want to make it even better.

Nayroby Rosa, who works at OneHolyoke, says they want to hear from the community about what they want for the building. People have shared memories of when it used to be the Polish-American Club in 1946.

Many want it to still be a place where people can gather, maybe for events or activities for young people.

Rosa says they want to keep it affordable for the community. They’re thinking of ideas like having a kitchen for the community, or a café, or a place for cultural events like domino tournaments or just getting together for coffee.

The building will be closed from March 31st to June so that OneHolyoke can get more ideas from the community and find volunteers to help with the project. They plan to have a ribbon-cutting ceremony when they reopen, to show the community the changes they’ve made and to raise money to fix up the old building.

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