“Modern Bathroom Trends”: Stylish and Functional Finishes

🛁✨ Revamp your bathroom with the latest practical trends! 💫 Explore stylish finishes that merge functionality and flair for a modern look you’ll adore

Practical, aesthetic, fashionable — choosing the finish for the bathroom that meets all three criteria.

Washable vinyl wallpaper

A bathroom that resembles more of a living room — a modern trend. In design projects, you can come across bathrooms with wallpapers, paintings, chandeliers, rugs, even with sofas and bookshelves. But there’s a difference between “magazine” interiors and the renovation you have to live with.

Sofas and bookshelves are not very common in average bathrooms, primarily due to lack of space. Few are willing to stick wallpapers on bathroom walls in real life because they’re accustomed to believing that wallpapers and wet environments are mutually exclusive. Except for modern wallpapers.

Washable non-woven wallpapers can confidently be applied in relatively dry areas of the bathroom: at a distance of 60 cm from the edge of the bathtub, on walls that do not directly interact with water. Small splashes and condensation won’t harm the coating. Experimenting with wallpapers is also safe in a separate toilet.

The trendiest wallpapers for bathrooms are those that visually refer to the living room. Victorian classics, William Morris’ botanical patterns, images of animals, and birds are in vogue.

Fiberglass wallpapers

If you still don’t trust regular washable wallpapers, opt for extra-washable fiberglass coatings.

Good ventilation and special wallpaper glue save non-woven wallpapers from mold and mildew, while fiberglass doesn’t need additional protection; it thrives in moist environments because it’s made from glass fibers that are not afraid of water contact.

You can even wash such wallpapers using a brush and confidently apply them in the shower.

“Tropical” ceramic granite panels

They combine the decorative possibilities of wallpapers and the practicality of ceramic granite.

If tropics on wallpapers, posters, and pillows have become a bit tiresome, they look quite fresh as a decorative panel in the bathroom.

Panels are usually combined with monochromatic ceramic granite from the same collection; a wall with a pattern can appear above the bathtub, above the sink, or in the shower area.

Geometric decor

As an alternative to floral prints and tropical leaves, decorative tiles with abstract geometric patterns in nostalgic retro style can be used.

Geometric decorative tiles are combined with background tiles, used on a large scale, assembled into panels, or fragmentarily as accents.

“Ceramic granite resembling concrete”

If the idea of a bathroom as an additional living room doesn’t appeal to you, you can go the other way, choosing the opposite trend — utilitarian minimalism. The main character of this fashionable trend is ceramic granite resembling brutal gray concrete.

Such imitation on large-format ceramic granite allows achieving the trendy effect of a bare rough wall.

It seems this point will never disappear from the list of fashionable finishing materials for bathrooms. “Marble” in modern bathrooms is used on a large scale or fragmentarily, combined with wood imitation, monochromatic ceramic granite, painted walls, and decorative panels.

For a long time, white marble with gray veins remained a favorite of designers and buyers. Today, unusual natural shades are in the spotlight: caramel, green, pink, and golden.

Textured tiles

If you are skeptical about wallpapers and “tropics” in the bathroom, not ready for the brutality of “concrete” walls, and tired of marble, choose an alternative trend — monochrome textured ceramic tiles.

Textured tiles can be combined with smooth ones; such inserts will give the space visual volume and dynamics. An ideal option for bathrooms decorated in neutral tones.

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