Bill Graham’s daughter’s ingenious answer to “How could God allow the events of September 11 to happen?”: a very deep and insightful answer

Have you seen how Bill Graham’s daughter took part in a talk-show about the events on September 11? To Jane Clayson’s question “How could God let this happen?” Anna Graham gave a very deep and insightful answer.

She said: “I believe, that like many of us, God grieves about the happening too. But, after all, for many years we have been expelling God from our schools, our government, from our lives. And I think, as a gentleman, God has just stepped back. Can we really expect God’s protection and blessings, if we, at the same time, demand Him to leave us?”

Let’s recall… To me, everything started when Madalyn Murray O’Hair announced that school was no place for prayers. She was killed and her body has been found recently. Still we said “Okay!”.

Someone then suggested we stop reading the Bible in school (the one in which it states, “You shall not kill”, “You shall not steal”, and “Love your neighbor as yourself”), and we agreed “Good idea!”.

Then doctor Benjamin Spock said we should not use corporal punishment on our children whenever they behave badly. By this we hurt their little personalities. We may ruin their self-esteem (Dr. Spock’s son committed suicide). And we said: “He’s a specialist and knows what to say”. And we said “Fine!”.

Somebody said that teachers and deans have no right to punish our children. Teachers were not even allowed to get close to the responsible students. The end result might be bad advertising, or worse, they might end up in court (there’s a difference between a punishment and touching, spanking, humiliating, beating). So we said, “Fine!”.

After that, someone suggested: “Let’s allow our daughters to have abortions if they wish. They don’t even have to tell their parents.” To which we replied, “Okay.”. A very clever member of school board once said: “Boys will always be boys, and they will always behave this way. So we should give them all the condoms they want, so they can enjoy themselves as much as they wish, without their parents knowing”. So we said, “Okay!”.

Then someone from the government chosen by us said it doesn’t matter what’s going on in our private life, as long as we do our job well. Accordingly, we said we don’t care what people (including the president) do in their private lives, as long as we have a job and the economy is doing well.

Then someone suggested publishing magazines with naked women’s images and calling it a practical appreciation for the female body”. And we said “Okay!”. After this many people went further with this high appreciation and started printing photos of naked children. Then they went even further posting them on the internet. And we said: “Okay, they have the right to free speech.”

After this, the entertainment industry said, “Let’s make films and television shows propagating violence, blasphemy, drugs, rape, murder, suicide, and Satanism. And let’s make music encouraging these things”. We said, “It’s just for fun, this music does not harm anyone.”. No one takes it seriously, so keep it up!”.

And now we wonder why our children have no conscience, why they can’t see what’s bad and what’s good, why they, unintentionally, kill strangers, their classmates and themselves. Maybe, if we think over this issue, we can work it out. I think the point here is “you reap what you sow”.

A young man wrote: “Dear God, why didn’t You save the little girl that was murdered right in her classroom? Sincerely Yours, worried student”. Here’s the answer: “Dear worried student, I’m not allowed at schools. Sincerely yours, God”.

It’s ridiculous how people can easily get rid of the God, and then wonder why the world is turning into Hell.

It’s ridiculous, how we believe whatever the papers say, and doubt what the Bible says.

It’s ridiculous, that we want to go to Heavens and at the same time we believe, think, talk and do nothing that’s written in the Bible.

It’s ridiculous, when people say “I believe in God”, but follow the Satan who, by the way, “believes” in God too.

It’s ridiculous, how easy it is for us to judge, and how hard it is to be judged by others.

It’s ridiculous, how silly jokes spread on the internet with the speed of light, but people always think twice weather to post something about God.

It’s ridiculous when you can find everything obscene, rude, lascivious and vulgar on the internet, but an open discussion about God is impossible at schools or workplaces.

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