This girl suffers from a disease that doesn’t even have a name

Every child is unique in their own way. But this girl is really special!

Olivia Farnsworth is 7 years old. Doctors have found, she has at least 3 genetic disorders. This girl’s disease is so rare, that it isn’t even named yet.

At first, we may think that Olivia is a superhero. She can eat nothing for a really long time, and doesn’t feel any pain. But life isn’t a comics, and having such special ability is not a pleasant fact.

The symptoms of Olivia’s disease are very strange. Her mom, Nicky, says that one day the girl was hit by a car which then dragged her a few meters. But the girl wasn’t injured: she, in fact, got up, dusted off her clothes and went ahead, as if nothing had happened.

During the attack, Olivia’s muscles were relaxed, so she didn’t get any serious injuries and got off with only some scratches.

The second incident happened in the kindergarten. The girl bit off a piece of her lip and didn’t even cry. But the wound was so serious that she later had to undergo an operation. Besides, the girl’s hair didn’t grow for a long time, and her peers would make fun of her because of this.

This unique kid stopped sleeping during the day when she was only 9 months old. Her mom would joke around calling her “steel girl” without even realizing that her daughter just doesn’t know what pain is.

Olivia has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Nicky now is trying to collect some money with the help of social media for the research of Olivia’s disease. After all, doctors have no clue about it even today…

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