And what’s the veil for? 52-year-old Lopez tried on a wedding dress in which she will go down the aisle

Looks great in the wedding dress…

52-year-old Jennifer Lopez is preparing for the wedding with her lover Ben Affleck. The other day, the Hollywood diva appeared in front of fans in a wedding dress in which she would go down the aisle.

Despite her impressive age, Lopez decided to appear before the groom in a classic outfit, adding a luxurious veil to the look.

Users had different opinions:

“Jennifer is beautiful”, “And what’s the veil for at 52?”, “A mother of two children will go down the aisle in a white dress?”, “A wedding dress is a symbol of purity, and Jennifer changed her partners like gloves”,

“She looks 20. Looks great in a wedding dress,” you could also read in the comments.

And how do you feel about the 52-year-old star’s decision to go down the aisle in a white dress and a veil?

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