Before taking your seats, look around! How people wash in the tundra, relieve themselves and give birth to children

Life in tundra

Today, it is difficult for a modern person to imagine his daily life without electricity, Internet and hot water. However, not everyone was lucky with the conditions.

For example, nomadic reindeer herders face various life problems that cause sincere surprise to modern man.

The main food for deer is yagel, which is quickly eaten by animals and reindeer herders have to move from place to place every 2-3 days. It is these frequent transitions from place to place that do not allow reindeer herders to have proper conditions in their homes.

To get water, the Chukchi have to make a fire. Residents of the tundra melt ice, however, most often this water is intended for cooking. At the entrance to the chum, you can find washbasins with water, which are a means of personal hygiene for reindeer herders.

Children take a bath in large basins. Adult Chukchi wash much less often. Do not forget about the fat that the inhabitants of the Tundra smear their bodies with to preserve heat.

Reindeer herders’ toilets are located right on the street and represent a small hollow in the snow. During bad weather, tundra residents are saved by special garments that protect them from cold and frostbite.

By the way, reindeer herders have to constantly look around, as deer like to eat yellow snow. Animals, thus, are trying to make up for the lack of salt. For the deer not to interfere, the reindeer herder shouts and drives him away.

Aunts, mothers or grandmothers help women to give birth. Men closely monitor that there is enough warm water in the house. It happens that a doctor arrives in the tundra or a woman in labor is transported to the hospital.

The Nenets believe that it is necessary to give birth as much as the patroness and mistress Mekh-Pukhche will send. Instead of diapers, the Chukchi use special moss.

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