“Brilliant solution..”: The family made a “fun” repair in a terrible bathroom.

Amazing transformation in just 2 weeks!

The incentive for the transformation of the bathroom was the upcoming anniversary of the owner of the apartment.

All the relatives were supposed to gather for such a celebration. In order not to be disgraced, it was decided to completely transform the old bathroom.

It took only two weeks for the owners to complete the repairs. The wife and daughter developed the project, and the landlord implemented it. First, the old tile was knocked down and almost non-working plumbing was removed.

When the surface was fully prepared for work, it was time to choose a new tile. The owners chose a stylish green and white facing material, as well as a tile with a floral print.

They laid out half of the wall with white tiles. It was laid in the transverse direction. Also, a beautiful accent was made over the bathroom in the form of a floral pattern and a border with an image of tulips. The lower part of the room and the distance from the sides of the tub to the floor, the owners laid out green tiles.

They also decided to buy new plumbing and a stylish bedside table for a white washbasin with drawers.

A washing machine was put opposite the new toilet. The wet area in the bathroom was separated from the dry one with the help of a cute curtain.

How do you like such a transformation?

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