94-year-old Queen Elizabeth II got on a horse and caused a stir

The Queen is still loyal to her hobbies

In April, the British Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 94th birthday. She is the world record holder among monarchs for the term of government. Elizabeth has ruled the Foggy Albion for 68 years.

During the reign of Elizabeth, fifteen prime ministers managed to change in Britain, from Winston Churchill to the current Boris Johnson. Interestingly, the queen’s mother, also Elizabeth, lived a very long life — 102 years.

However, despite her venerable age, the queen is true to her hobbies. From a young age, she adored horseback riding. And even now Elizabeth goes horseback riding.

A few days ago, pictures of the queen riding a pony named Fell appeared on the Instagram of the British Royal Family. Elizabeth, as in her youth, confidently stays in the saddle. It may even seem that she is not 94, but about thirty years younger.

Her Majesty went for a walk in a pink scarf, tweed jacket and white gloves. Even in quarantine, she carefully monitors the style.

“An amazing woman”, “I would also like to have the health to ride horses at the age of 94”, “I am amazed by the Queen: at such an age stay in the saddle so easily!”, “How wonderful to see that Her Majesty is in good health. And even on horseback,” the subscribers of the Royal Family’s account were amazed.

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