“He’s from Yakutia, she’s from Nigeria”: no one believed that this couple would be able to build a strong family

This unusual but very beautiful couple now has a son!

Ruth Tatte and Dmitry are a couple who are raising a one-year-old son, whose beauty is already legendary.

Ruth is a model who came from Nigeria, she boasts of her looks and charisma. Dmitry is a blond guy from the north of Russia. Young people met in St. Petersburg. They met during a photoshoot – Dmitry is fond of photographing.

They fell in love with each other during the time they talked in St. Petersburg. However, time flew by quickly, and it was time to go home.

However, instead of going home after graduation, the girl stayed in St. Petersburg, and even later went to frosty Yakutia to her husband.

A year ago, this unusual but very beautiful couple had a son, Yaroslav. After all, the boy turned out to be more like his mother – both in skin color and face, but there are also dad’s features.

Ruth’s Instagram followers can’t decide who the boy looks more like – they’ve been arguing for a year.

And who do you think he looks more like from his parents?

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