Thai model’s Instagram: the expectation and reality of her photos

Expectations vs Reality

In the age of body positivity and self-acceptance, ordinary images without processing, where people appear to their audience as they are in their real life, are becoming increasingly popular on social networks.

One of the famous Thai models also decided not to just appear in front of her followers and fans in her real light, but also to show how her ordinary photos look without Photoshop and additional processing. Additionally, in her personal account on the social network Instagram, everyone can find a lot of pictures in the style of “Expectation vs reality”, where in one picture the model appears in the best possible way, and in the second one quite the opposite, while the model shows moments from ordinary life in her photos, so everyone will be able to find something about themselves there.

Below, the article will present the most striking examples of such pictures from the personal account of the popular model and blogger.

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