Father came to take his daughter from school wearing “WET” pants: the teacher and classmates were shocked by the scene

Fathers should be real heroes for their children!

One day a little boy was asked: “How do you know that your parents love you?”. And his answer was unexpected: “When they come to my aid, I feel safe.” And it really is. After all, probably the main goal of any parent is to make the child feel loved and protected in any situation that may happen to him. Ben Sowards from the USA, who together with his beloved wife brings up charming children, fully agrees with these words.

As a real man, Ben always tries to be an example for his girls and builds relationships with them on mutual trust. And often they will look for their future young men, and later husbands, in the image of their father. But for boys, it’s always authority. Ben’s wish is that the children at any moment, no matter what happens, can turn to him for help. That’s exactly what happened this time.

One afternoon Ben was at work. At the same time, he had an important presentation, for which he had been preparing for several months. Then suddenly his phone rang. The number of his youngest daughter Valeria appeared on the screen. But when he answered the call, he heard someone else’s voice on the other end of the wire, who said that the baby was in an awkward situation. As it turned out, his six-year-old daughter peed during a lesson at school.

After such an unpleasant incident, she could not calm down in any way and desperately needed Dad’s help. Having learned the problem of little Valeria, Ben did not hesitate to take time off from work and immediately went to school for her. Already on the way, he tried to think of a way to switch attention to himself, because the man perfectly understood what his baby was feeling right now. And then the man came up with a cunning plan and turned it into reality. But he had no idea that his ingenuity would be seen by people from all over the world.
The father knew that Valeria was now feeling ashamed and humiliated. And in order to somehow cheer up the girl, before picking her up from school, he took a bottle of water and poured it on his trousers to create the effect of the described pants.

Proud and confident, in wet pants, Ben went through the whole school to the classroom, where his tearful baby was already waiting for him. The man did not immediately comfort his daughter. Entering the classroom, he casually, timidly asked her backpack to cover something. Suddenly, the girl even stopped crying, and the teacher, along with other students, opened their mouths in surprise.

Valeria was clearly confused by her father’s words and, glancing at his trousers, she was very surprised. Her strong, courageous father also tarnished his reputation. At that moment, Valeria felt more confident and even began to smile at her beloved dad, who came to her aid. She came over, hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.
As Ben remembers now, it was one of the best moments in his life. But the most interesting thing is that this was not the first time Ben found original ideas to support his daughters.

A few years ago, the eldest daughter Lucinda fell off a skate, getting a huge bruise. Everything was be fine, but the girl had a performance at school the next day. In order for his daughter not to feel depressed, Ben drew the same bruise under his eye and came in this form to cheer for Lucinda. According to his family, Ben takes first place in the nomination “Father of the Year” every day and every second. Upon arrival home, the eldest daughter took a photo of the lucky ones as a keepsake, and in the evening the wife shared this post. The man’s act delighted people so much that the tweet went viral and spread around the world, got millions of likes and positive comments.

Many wrote that the man is a competent educator. And as it turned out later, Sowards is raising eleven children – seven relatives and four foster children. There should definitely be more fathers like Ben in the world. It is the fathers who help the child feel protected under any circumstances.

Dads, make your children happy! Although this story happened more than a year ago, it does not decrease its popularity on social networks. It shows people how much children need the support of their closest and dearest people – parents, and not punishment and condemnation.

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