People don’t believe this angelic beauty is a weightlifter

The muscular Barbie!

Looking at her sweet smile and angelic appearance, many people refuse to believe she has an athletic and muscular body. However, the first glance might be deceptive.

Julia Vins has always been fond of sports, especially powerlifting. Here are some photos from her Instagram account:

People refer to her as the “muscular Barbie”.

This unique girl was born in Engels, Russia. The passion for sports of the 26-year-old girl didn’t begin in her childhood. At that time, she was fond of music.

Julia was 15 when she realized she was too thin and weak. Many people suggested her taking up powerlifting.

Her body was eventually changing and her parents were happy for such changes.

At the beginning she was training alone. Then she got a trainer who turned out to be a professional powerlifter.

The girl became unstoppable after seeing her progress and the fantastic results.

A couple of years ago, Vins gained a remarkable victory. The girl took part in the World Championship, winning in the weight category.

It’s been already 8 years she’s engaged in sports. Apparently, Vins has changed a lot during this time.

She’s not only a professional weightlifter, but also a coach. The girl has a website where she motivates her students. She helps her subscribers reach their goals and achieve great heights in sports.

There are always many discussions and criticism over her non-standard appearance. Some adore Julia for her strong will and determination. Others think she has “spoiled” her beauty.

What do you think?

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