Couple recreated 12 wedding pictures after 50 years

This couple proves the existence of true and undying love!

Marriage is considered one of the most difficult and decisive steps in a person’s life. Sometimes it’s really difficult to choose the right person to spend the rest of your life with. Besides, all the stories about divorce and heartbreaks make this decision even more difficult.

But this couple will cheer you up with their incredibly sweet love story. They have been creating their own fairytale since the first day of their marriage.

Carolyn and Kelly have recently celebrated their 50th anniversary of marriage. heir wedding ceremony took place on March 12, 1971. Although it’s hard for most people to believe this story, but this couple has been living in happy and peaceful life for over 50 years.

17 years ago, the woman had a breast cancer surgery, and the husband got a kidney transplantation. The spouses have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Carolyn came up with a wonderful idea to surprise his husband and the guests on their special day. She decided to recreate some photos from their wedding album.

Kelly used to always forget the special event, but this time he approved the amazing idea of his beloved wife. We could say they not only recreated the photos, but repeated the most remarkable day in their life.

They organized the event in the same church and invited the same guests as back in 1971. Moreover, the bride wore the same wedding gown. Fortunately, the dress was in a perfect condition after so many years.

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