The strongest seven-year-old girl in America

She lifts bars much heavier than herself

Unique children are born in different parts of the world and very soon newspapers start writing about them. One of these unique children is Rory van Ulft from Ottawa, Canada.

At the age of only 7, the girl was able to lift an 80-kg bar. It is almost 3 times heavier than herself. She is 120cm tall and weighs 30kg.

Rory cannot compete in Canada simply because she doesn’t have competitors. She participates in US Youth National Championships to increase her level.

Rory has already won the championship several times. The girl doesn’t compete with her peers, but with 11-13 years olds.

Rory has become a real star on the Internet. She runs an Instagram blog which has around 230,000 followers. She posts photos of herself raising bars.

As you might have already noticed, the young girl is also obsessed with tattoos. These are temporary tattoos, but in the future she would like to get some real ones.

The young athlete has her own manager and a special medical staff that takes care of her.

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