“Mothers deserve to be happy!”: Son asked his mom for a dance and the video went viral

Let’s make our mothers happy, just like this man does!

We all face sleep issues at some point of our lives and find different ways to cope with it. Some people read a book, some listen to music, while there are also people who take pills to make it easier.

This woman and her son have developed a great method to fight sleepless nights and have fun at the same time. This method made the whole Internet happy in a very short period of time.

Lance took up dancing with his mother Lucy when he was still a child. And Lucy happily passed on her dance to her son. And when one night Lucy couldn’t sleep and said that she was not tired at all, Lance knew what exactly would help her fall asleep.

Lance is now a married man with two children, but he is still his mother’s little boy. So he didn’t mind inviting his mother to a dance. He took his mom’s hand and they started dancing to the song “Dear Future Husband” by Megan Traynor.

The whole family was there, applauding the dancing duo and filming the adorable moment. Lance’s child is the most excited. Not only do they dance well, but their faces express all the beautiful and interesting emotions while dancing. Halfway through the dance, Lucy turns to the camera and says that this is exactly what happens to those in Louisiana who cannot fall asleep.

In a very short period of time, the video got millions of likes and shares. They both obviously enjoy dancing with each other and will keep doing so till the end.

At the end of the video everyone burst out laughing as Lucy says something funny to the camera. This duo know how to have fun!

Here’s the video of the sweet dance of this lovely duo:

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