“Dogs over Marriage”: Actress believes that living with dogs is better than being married

She wants to dedicate all her life to her beloved dogs

Famous Hollywood actress Demi Moore believes, that single life with dogs is much better than being married and having a family. Demi is always in the center of her fans’ attention, thanks to her remarkable roles in dozens of films. Her fans are greatly interested in her professional and personal life. And recently they have figured out that the actress is living with dogs only.

Although she used to be married and has 3 children with her ex-husband, Demi claims that her life is much better with dogs. Two of her pets are taken care of by her daughter, but the actress still has her eyes on them.

Keeping so many dogs is a challenging task, but the actress does that with a great pleasure. She does her best to provide all of them with everything they need to live a happy and carefree life.

All these dogs are really lucky to have an owner like Moore. They have everything they need and their owner loves them with all her heart.

As you have already guessed, Demi refused to even talk about marriage. She wants to dedicate all her life to her beloved dogs.

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