“Animal Celebrities”: Skippy the Wallaby ready to make everyone happy with her visits

He loves to swim in his pool for the kids

Meet Skippy, the adorable wallaby who has stolen the hearts of many in Seymour, Connecticut. Skippy and his mother are part of JC’s Pony Parties, where they travel around Connecticut to bring joy and excitement to both children and adults. Owner Jenny Goduto, who runs a petting zoo at Demartino Farm, decided to add something unique to her collection of sheep, goats, lambs, and bunnies. She thought a wallaby would be the perfect addition, and she was right.

Although Jenny’s petting zoo features other exotic animals like Jack the Patagonian Mara and Rocco the mini cow, Skippy is the star of the show. Jenny loves Skippy’s kind nature and unique features, especially his tiny T-rex arms, which the kids find fascinating. But don’t be fooled by those small arms – Skippy is an excellent swimmer. During the summer, he loves to swim in his pool for the kids.

When he’s not swimming or entertaining, you can find Skippy hopping around the barn, playing with his stuffed animals and even a little football. And if you want Skippy to be a part of your party, school, or church event, you can contact JC’s Pony Parties on Facebook.

This summer, Demartino Farm will also be hosting an animal experience camp for four weeks. Children will have the chance to learn about the animals and interact with them. So, if you’re in Connecticut and want to meet Skippy and his furry friends, be sure to check it out! Remember, despite the standards and expectations imposed on us daily, each of us is beautiful in our unique way.

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