“Unusual discovery”: Couple rescued puppies left in suitcases on the roadside

“We were all shocked that someone could do such a thing!”

A couple driving down a North Carolina highway last week made an unusual discovery. They spotted an abandoned suitcase in the middle of the road, and to their surprise, it seemed to be moving.

Intrigued, the couple slowed down and noticed a small nose poking out from a partially unzipped corner of the suitcase. Without hesitation, they opened it and were amazed to find four adorable puppies inside.

Determined to help, the couple immediately took the puppies to Guilford County Animal Services. A skeptical shelter staff member met them in the parking lot, finding it hard to believe that a suitcase full of puppies had been found. However, any doubts quickly vanished when the staff member saw the precious faces of the four little ones.

“We were all shocked that someone could do such a thing,” the staff member shared with The Dodo.

Understandably, the puppies, all females, were initially hesitant to trust their new caretakers. They might have been afraid of being abandoned once again. Since arriving at the shelter, they have slowly started to adapt, guided by the compassionate rescue staff who are gradually teaching them the meaning of love.

“They are quite scared and shy,” explained a shelter representative. “Our medical team noted their limited exposure to human interaction, so our staff has been actively engaging and playing with them.”

In honor of their journey, the rescue staff named the puppies after luggage and travel-related terms: Tumi, Samsonite, Stowaway, and Carry-On.

Once the puppies have completed their medical evaluations and socialization process, they will be made available for adoption, providing them with the opportunity to find their forever homes.

Although these puppies were once abandoned, the keen eyes and compassionate hearts of the two Good Samaritans ensured that they will never have to fear being left behind again.

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