“A life-changing moment”: The heartwarming story of a stray dog named Moxie

They couldn’t believe the adorable dog was stray

Martina Russo and Phil, a loving couple, were driving their car when they noticed a dog tirelessly chasing after them. Intrigued, they stopped to investigate, and the endearing face of this canine instantly melted their hearts.

The dog’s cuteness and friendly demeanor made it hard to believe that he was a stray. Hoping to reunite him with his owners, Martina and Phil patiently waited for some time.

Despite their efforts, no one came forward to claim the dog. Filled with empathy and compassion, the couple made the decision to bring him along. Their first priority was to take him to a veterinarian for a thorough check-up.

Martina and Phil made one last attempt to locate the dog’s original owners. They utilized social media and reached out to various organizations, but unfortunately, no one came forward. With heavy hearts, they made the heartfelt choice to officially adopt him and gave him the name Moxie.

Now, Moxie leads a joyful life with his adoring owners, embarking on exciting adventures and discovering new experiences together.

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