“Hearts are Broken”: 16 people lost their lives in Manitoba bus crash

Police has revealed the names of the victims

Recently, a devastating bus accident took place in Carberry, Manitoba, Canada, leading to the unfortunate loss of 16 lives. A press conference was organized at Credit Union Place in Dauphin, Manitoba, where officials and family members came together to remember and honor the victims. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Supt. Jeff Asmundson extended his heartfelt condolences and highlighted the profound impact this tragedy has had on the local community.

The victims, whose ages ranged from 68 to 88, have been identified as follows:

1. Louis Bretecher, 81

2. Margaret Furkalo, 82

3. Vangie Gilchrist, 83

4. Ann Hill, 81

5. Helen Kufley, 88

6. Arlene Lindquist, 68

7. Dianne Medwid, 70

8. Nettie Nakonechny, 87

9. Shirley Novalkowski, 76

10. Frank Perzylo, 82

11. Rose Perzylo, 80

12. Jean Rosenkranz, 82

13. Donna Showdra, 79

14. Lillian Stobbe, 73

15. Patsy Zamrykut, 88

16. Claudia Zurba, 87

These people tragically lost their lives in the bus crash in Carberry, Manitoba, Canada. May they rest in peace.

At the conference, families of the victims placed photographs of their loved ones on display. Some families released statements read by the RCMP, including the family of Helen Kufley, who described her as a vibrant and cherished member of their family. They expressed gratitude to the first responders and the city of Dauphin for their support.

At the junction of Highway 1 and Highway 5, a collision took place classified as a “mass casualty collision.” The incident occurred when a bus, transporting 25 passengers to a casino, collided with a semi-truck. Analysis of dashcam footage revealed that the bus veered across the Trans-Canada Highway, directly into the path of the oncoming truck.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered his condolences on Twitter, acknowledging the unimaginable pain felt by those affected and assuring them of the support of the Canadian people.

Eyewitness accounts described the scene with a truck’s damaged engine on the highway and the bus engulfed in flames on the roadside. Air ambulances were dispatched, and first responders worked diligently to rescue individuals from the burning bus.

Supt. Asmundson acknowledged the efforts of those who assisted at the crash site, emphasizing the importance of providing support to the grieving families. He mentioned the dedication of officers who stayed beyond their shifts to answer phone calls from concerned family members, despite being unable to provide the information they desperately sought.

The impact of this tragic event will be deeply felt for a significant period, leaving a lasting mark on the communities of Carberry and Dauphin.

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