Chelsea Handler’s Unique Encounter with Former President George W. Bush During a Game of Pickleball

Chelsea Handler talked about a time when she met former President George W. Bush while playing pickleball, and she was high.

In an interview on the “Today” show, the comedian shared that this happened when she was staying in Maine during the COVID-19 pandemic. She met Barbara Pierce Bush, who is the sister of “Today” co-host Jenna Bush Hager and the daughter of the former president.

Barbara invited Handler to play pickleball in Kennebunkport. Pickerball was a popular game at the time. Handler was concerned about her outspoken political views and didn’t want to meet the former president. She worried about saying something inappropriate.

To try and stay on her best behavior, Handler took some edible marijuana because she thought it would help her be more composed. She explained that she has experience with drugs and knows when to use them.

Despite being told that the former president wouldn’t be there, Handler ended up meeting him while playing pickleball. He recognized her as a comedian and said, “Oh ho ho ho, the funny lady has arrived.”

Handler didn’t share all the details of the encounter but did admit that she had to tell the former president that she was stoned.

In a podcast episode in 2022, she elaborated on the meeting, saying that Bush invited her into his house and showed her his artwork. She was wearing sunglasses because she was still feeling the effects of the marijuana, but she didn’t want to take them off. Eventually, she and her friend were able to leave, and she found the former president charming in person.

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