“Treat Williams Remembered”: Family Reflects on a Life Well-Lived

Treat Williams would have turned 72 on Friday, but his family is remembering his full and vibrant life that was sadly cut short on June 12.

Williams’ wife, Pam Van Sant, and their two children, Gill and Ellie Williams, are still coming to terms with the loss, nearly six months later.

“It happened so suddenly, with no warning. I’m still trying to understand that it really happened and he’s truly gone,” says Van Sant.

Williams and Van Sant, married in 1988, had their son Gill in 1992 and daughter Ellie in 1998. They led a quiet life in Vermont, a state Williams loved deeply. Gill finds it strange to live in a world where his father is no longer there but appreciates the beautiful legacy he left behind, especially through his art.

With over 120 credits to his name, Williams began his film career in 1975 and reached high points with roles in films like “Hair” in 1979, earning his first Golden Globe nomination. He cherished his role as Dr. Andrew “Andy” Brown on The WB’s “Everwood” from 2002 to 2006. Despite a successful acting career, his most important role was being a husband and father.

“He always said his family would be his legacy,” recalls Ellie. “You guys are obviously his legacy,” adds Van Sant, referring to Gill and Ellie. “He was so proud of both of them.”

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