“Hospital Wedding”: Couple Ties the Knot After Groom’s Surprise Admission on Wedding Day

Love Prevails Amidst Unexpected Challenges

A couple from California got married in a hospital because the groom, Francisco Jeronimo Lucas, was unexpectedly admitted on their wedding day. They had been together for more than 20 years and had originally planned to get married at a courthouse. However, after Francisco was diagnosed with gastric cancer, they decided not to wait and got married in the hospital.

The wedding was organized by a social worker named Anne James, and an officiant came to the hospital to marry the couple in front of their family. The hospital staff also helped by setting up cake, flowers, and balloons in the hospital room.

“I’m just so happy. In palliative care, we do many sad things and have hard conversations. So being able to participate in a wedding brings me so much joy,” said Anne James.

Francisco, translated by his daughter Yohana Jeromino Pablo, expressed his gratitude, saying, “I thank God that He brought us all together.”

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