“Belle-Inspired Tiny Home”: Disney Fan’s Cozy Tiny Home with a Downstairs Bedroom

Kathleen loves Disney, especially Beauty and the Beast. Her small home is Belle-themed, inspired by Belle’s love for adventure and books. She chose a blue and white color scheme reminiscent of Belle’s dress.

Kathleen’s house is tiny, just 240 square feet, with a downstairs bedroom. She got it from Decathlon Tiny Homes, making some changes to suit her preferences. The total cost was $85,000, with help from a loan from Liberty Bank.

Inside, everything reflects Beauty and the Beast, from the lights to the art. Kathleen chose smaller windows to keep the Texas heat out, relying on a powerful AC unit to keep cool.

In the kitchen, she has an induction cooktop stored away when not in use, along with a convection microwave and a Ninja Foodie oven that folds up to save space.

Being a book lover like Belle, Kathleen prioritized book storage. She rotates her collection by selling or donating books she’s finished.

Kathleen’s bedroom is designed around her adjustable bed, which helps with her back problems. She uses Beddy’s, a type of zip-up bedding, to make it easier to manage in such a small space.

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