Dad with Parkinson’s Overcomes Challenges to Dance with Daughter at Wedding

Watch as a determined father with Parkinson’s disease defies the odds to share a heartwarming dance with his daughter on her big day! 💖✨

A dad with Parkinson’s disease worked really hard to make sure he could walk his daughter down the aisle and dance with her at her wedding.

Bobby Orr, who is 72 years old and also has spinal stenosis, spent extra time with a physical therapist to be able to do these special things for his daughter.

His daughter, Holly Marrocco, who is 38 years old, says her dad’s Parkinson’s has gotten worse over the past 10 years, but he keeps fighting it by exercising and taking boxing classes.

When Holly got engaged in June 2022, she asked her dad if they could have a dance together at her wedding. He said yes, even though he knew it would be challenging.

He practiced the dance a lot with his daughter in the kitchen for about a month before the wedding. Their family and the physical therapist watched them practice and got emotional.

At the wedding in October 2023, they danced to the song “Because You Loved Me” by Céline Dion. Holly chose this song because it reminded her of her dad’s love and support throughout her life.

During the dance, Holly felt really happy and emotional. She sang along to the song, even though she’s not a good singer, and they both laughed together.

Their friends and family were touched by the dance and there were tears in many eyes. The physical therapist who helped Bobby was also there to see him dance with his daughter. Holly says they really appreciate her support.

A video of the dance was shared on TikTok by the rehabilitation center where Bobby got help. People loved the video and left many kind comments.

Holly was so moved by the response to the video. She still reads the comments and watches the video because it makes her feel happy.

@foxrehab Our patient Bobby has Parkinson’s disease and spinal stenosis, but he didn’t let that stop him from enjoying a very special moment with his daughter on her big day! 💍 He worked very hard with Moira Vayda PT, MS on strategies to avoid and get through freezing episodes as well as turning and gait mechanics. He was able to walk his daughter down the aisle beautifully and as you can see, he crushed the father daughter dance! Voira’s daughter and her friends also made him a “think big” friendship bracelet to remind him to use the LSVT BIG principles! 🧡💪 #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #lsvtbig #parkinsonsdisease #spinalstenosis #weddingday #fatherdaughterdance #weddingdance ♬ original sound – FOX Rehabilitation

Because of her dad’s experience with Parkinson’s, Holly started volunteering at a boxing club for people with Parkinson’s. Now she’s a coach there.

Looking back on her wedding, Holly feels grateful that both her parents were there with her. She says it was a beautiful moment that she will always remember.

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